Company Profile
Corporate name
Address2-2-10 Kusunoki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0017
RepresentativeIkuya IRIFUNE       ブログ始めました
MERICAN is not mistyped. As you know, it’s been over 120 years since the first commercial ship came to Japan. At that time, people in Japan especailly local people couldn’t catch acculate sound of AMERICA or AMERICAN, as so them missed the first sound, “A”. Since that we still affectionately use the word MERICAN.
We, MERICAN HEADQUARTERS, produce the original items such as denimn, T-shirts, cut and sewn, jackets, shirts, one-piece dress and more as to be particular about MADE IN JAPAN. We sell those original items at our directly-managed stores, 〜ih and HOWDY DOODY, and we alose offer wholesale services to other local stores inside Japan. Those directly-managed stores also handle selected and quality imported items not only cloths but also accessories, bags, shoes and others. MERICAN HEADQUARTERS also manages German restaurant, G.G.C. stands for Great German Cook.
Please note that again we are particular about MADE IN JAPAN, and through that persistence we aim to protect rare Japanese tradiional craft. However it is not the old style! We are also proud of contributing to society such as hiring challenged persons to make head-adjusted deer skin buttons for our original shirts. You can also enjoy such head-adjusted deer meat at G.G.C.

Corporate History
2000Establish the company and open men’s clothing shop named
HOWDY DOODY in Motomachi, Kobe
Producing the original items from very beginning.
2004Open ladies’ clothing shop named 〜ih (Haikara) in Motomachi, Kobe
2007Open German restaurant named G.G.C in Motomachi, Kobe
2008Relocate the office and atelier Kusunoki-cho, Kobe
Set-up and delivery the original brand “boga,boga,marinera!” and
2010Open TOKYO Branch named 〜ih&blvd(Haikara‐boulevard)
in Yagumo, Meguro‐ku,Tokyo
Business Content
Planning and Development.
Planning, producing and wholesale cloths and general merchandise.
Wholesale and retail sale imported merchandise
Retail second handed products
(permission number 631130000028 Hyogo Public Safety Commission)
Bank of Account